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Wolf Hybrids


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Many people think of a wolf hybrid as a very beautiful looking dog.  Until I became more educated on the subject I thought the same thing myself.  But there are some differences between domesticated dogs and a wolf hybrid.

Wolves are a symbol of the wild and a symbol of freedom.  When most people think of a wolf they think of a majestic creature that appears and disappears in the wilderness or comes to you in a dream to help guide you in some specific way.  Those things may very well be true.  So doesn't that mean that the spiritual creatures should be left in the wild where they were intended to be? Some animals are more easily domesticated than others.  Some animals have adapted quite well to being peoples pets and some have had no choice.

Having a Wolf Hybrid

Wolves in the wild have a very wide range of space that inhabit so you will need a very large space for the wolf to roam to be truly happy.  They also travel in  packs and will need a companion.  They are very good jumpers and you will need to take appropriate measures (such as electric fencing) to house this animal.  They will jump right over your average fence (which is about 6 feet high).  They also have an instinct to dig and they will dug right out from underneath normal fencing.

In the wild wolves can consume several pounds of meat a day which provides them with the nutrients and proteins that they need.  I am not saying that he will not survive on dog food, but it is not natural for him.    

There are many veterinarians that do not want to or simply will not treat a wolf and there are no approved rabies vaccines for wolves.  If he/she should bite someone he will probably be destroyed and the unlucky bite victim will have to endure painful rabies shots as a preventative measure.

Wolf Hybrids are very shy and unpredictable.  They can tend to be destructive, hard to  train and can be aggressive at times.  I am not saying that there are no "nice" wolf dogs out there and that they cannot be trained, I am just saying the odds are (especially with a higher content hybrid) that you will have some problems.  I had a friend many years ago that had a wolf hybrid from the time he was a puppy and he turned on her for no apparent reason and the end result was her having to have very extensive surgery on the left side of her face.  I have heard similar  stories from others as well.  They are very strong and powerful animals and they will have they way one way or another.

Wolves are in no question a beautiful creature that you want to just hug and love, but the fact is that they are not meant to be hugged.  They are meant to be loved and admired from a distance.  Freedom fills their hearts.
Please refer to these very educational links to wolf hybrids before you make a decision to have one as a pet, or if you just want further information. They are the best ones that I have found.

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