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Animals We Except

About Us - (Animal links listed below-click links to see new photos added !!)

We are a small group of people in the State of Ohio called "For the Love of Animals" dedicated to educating people about many different types of animals.  We currently run an unofficial shelter for exotic animals from our home.  We are in the process of becoming registered as a non-profit orginization.

 Many times people purchase exotic animals as pets only to find out that they were not aware of the time and money they would need to invest and even in some situations the dangers and problems they could encounter with these animals.  Did you know that in some animal shelters if the animal is not adopted out within 7 days it is destroyed, even if they have the cage space to keep the animal longer ?   We are firm believers in animal education and land conservation.  Please become educated before making a purchase.

Within these pages you will find information about several different types of animals, mainly exotics and why you may or may not want to consider having them as pets, along with other pages of information.  You will also find corresponding links to other very educational web sites about that specific animal.

Animal Rescues
Animal Rescues

Small Animals

Wild Animals
Wolf Hybrids

Bearded Dragon

Other Misc. Links   
Misc. Links

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We are in the process of trying to set up a land conservation and expand our animal shelter.  Anyone who has information about the start up process or has land for sale in ohio please contact us.

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Brandy Wine Falls, Ohio

Some of the pictures on this website are mine and others were borrowed.  Thank you to those who allowed me to use their pictures.